John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Today's been a fairly lazy day - I'm certainly enjoying the time off work, since I've been feeling very tired lately (the boss asked whether I had a black eye earlier in the week, presumably because he mistook the bags under my eyes). But I've taken the opportunity to clear a couple of things off my "to do" list, by trimming my hair (which will be significantly easier once I've got a mirror in the flat) and getting my motorbike operational again (I've been charging the battery in my lounge for the last few days).

Meanwhile, a random thought that occurred to me: Munchkin-style role-players (as opposed to people who play the game "Munchkin") would probably be quite good at the WeightWatchers plan, since it all comes down to making the most of your points. For instance, today I've managed to work it out so that I can have a 500g apple/blackberry crumble for dinner with a glass of wine (some trade-offs being that I don't get a main course today, and that I only had soup for dinner on Wednesday). In the longer term, I suspect that I'll wind up eating more green vegetables in "self-defence", on the basis that they're zero rated. So, for instance, I can eat as many brussels sprouts as I like (although I have to count how much gravy I use). I guess that's probably a good thing from the point of view of encouraging healthy eating once I've reached my target weight, if I can get into good habits.

Meanwhile, today is actually my anniversary (one of my infrequent Cryptic Comments for those in the know). It's been slightly lower key than usual - I normally do something to celebrate it, even if nobody else is around, but this year the best I can do is my points-wrangling (see above). Ah well, no matter. I'll go and slob in front of the TV now, so that's something.
Tags: diet, motorbike

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