John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Some good news to start the week off:

I've been busy doing my FAW (First Aid at Work) course with St John's Ambulance for the last couple of weekends, but that finished yesterday, and I passed, so that's an extra qualification. Which is good timing, since I'll be on duty at the London Marathon this coming Sunday (the only downside being that we're meeting up at 7am!).

And the diet is progressing well too. As per my previous entry, I lost 1.2kg (=2.6lb) in my first week, which prompted a nagging message. In my second week, I went over quota at the weekend (when I was socialising with friends), and lost 0.6kg (=1.3lb), so the website was happy with that. In my third week (today's weigh-in), I stuck to my quota, and lost another 1.0kg (=2.2lb), so that was another nag. ("We would like to highlight that healthy long-term weight loss is achieved by losing between 1-2lb a week. Studies show that losing weight more rapidly has two main disadvantages - severely limiting what you eat can make you feel uncomfortable and when you stop, you often end up putting all the weight back on.") So, that's a total weight loss of 2.8kg (=6.2lb) since I started: 97.3kg down to 94.5kg.

Mind you, I think there are some rounding errors to take into account, since their scale works in increments of 0.5 points per day (my quota being 30). For instance, half a can of beans is 2.5 points, whereas a whole can is 4.5. I'm guessing that means that it's 2.3 (rounded up) vs 4.6 (rounded down). But it may mean that there are situations where I'm eating less than I could for the same number of points. Anyway, I can live with the discomfort for now (being hungry most of the day), and I'll worry about keeping the weight off when the time comes. Actually, I was thinking that they may have a pretty good business model here. I remember hearing a quote about dating agencies a while back, where someone said that every time they successfully match a couple, they lose two customers. I've also heard cynical suggestions that no diet plan works, because otherwise you wouldn't get X number of new books being published each year - people would just stick with the existing one. However, in the case of WeightWatchers, I could see a situation where they say "Ok, you've reached your target weight, so your quota now goes up to 40 points per day", and I would still use the tool (i.e. pay them my monthly subscription) indefinitely. I'm not saying that I necessarily would, but it is plausible for customers in general.

Meanwhile, a couple of slightly bizarre links that I've come across elsewhere:
Handler punished for donning camel costume
Cookie monster learns that cookies are a "sometimes food"
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