John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
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After finishing my FAW course last weekend, I was issued with my uniform on Tuesday. It all fits, and is another triumph for the diet - I've dropped a trouser size, from a 38" waist to 36". Mind you, the slight downside is that I had to sew on various patches myself (for my unit/role), so I was up until 2am last night doing that. I haven't done them all yet, but I was ok for the duty today - the London Marathon.

Getting up at 6am wasn't ideal, but I'm intending to get to bed early tonight. It was also pretty tiring (being on my feet for so long), although obviously less so than it would be to actually run that far. I was positioned at the 8 mile mark (relatively early on), so we didn't have any major injuries to deal with. I saw Paula Radcliffe charge past at the start, and I may have been on TV later on (a camera van went past with the leading men runners).

Anyway, now to slob for a while...
Tags: diet, marathon, sewing, sja

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