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Another week, another kilo gone. 1.2kg in fact, although I didn't get a warning nag about it this week. Instead, I got a "well done" message for meeting my first official milestone, by losing more than 7lb (my total weight loss so far is 4.0kg = 8.8lb). Apparently, 7lb is equivalent to the weight of 3 large cartons of orange juice, or 9 cans of Coke, so I guess that's one way to visualise it. Personally, the milestone I'm looking forward to is when I drop below 92kg, since that's the maximum weight for doing parachute jumps (or at least it was when I was in Durham).

Mind you, I was slightly less convinced by their second comment: "Now that you've reached this first milestone, it's a good time to re-visit the Habit Audit. You must be Making Wise Food Choices so why not take a look at another Habit you can work on." This seems to translate as "Ok, you may not be quite as fat as you used to be, but I'm sure there's something else wrong with you". Thanks guys...

Meanwhile, I came across MP5 the other day. The basic idea is that it's a WeightWatchers program specifically designed for men. In theory, this sounds reasonable, since men and women have different biology. However, the "mainstream" WW thing that I'm on does ask whether you're male/female when you sign up. So, are they saying that they ignore that, and just treat everyone the same? (Which may explain why I keep going over the recommended limit.) Or, does it mean that MP5 is basically identical to the scheme I'm on, and it's just rebranding for men who don't want to seem girly? That would explain why they emphasise that the points are compatible. It's a moot point for me, since I've already signed up for 3 months on my scheme, and I like the web tool (which MP5 doesn't offer), so this just amused me as an example of marketing. Although that said, it may interest anyone (alexmc?) who's intending to start a diet soon, and hasn't chosen a plan.
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