John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Food for thought

Another week, and my weight loss is slowing down a bit - only 0.5kg this time. Still, it's in the website's recommended range, so I can live with that. And speaking of WeightWatchers, I was amused by the advert I saw yesterday: "Vertical stripes are slimming, but who wants to wear a stripey wedding dress?"

More generally, I do think that my eating habits are changing. When I was in the supermarket recently, I suddenly realised that the first 7 items I'd put into my trolley were all fresh fruit/vegetables (apples, bananas, lettuce, cucumber, potatoes, carrots, parsnips). And unlike my stacks of unread books (bought with good intentions, and still on my "to do" list), I actually bought this food expecting to eat it, which I've done; I haven't finished all of it yet, but I've had some/all of each item. I'm sure that the purists will chastise me for going to a supermarket for this stuff rather than a street market, but this is quite a shift by my standards. I'm not eating the "5 a day" (TM) every day (and as a side-rant, I really think their website could be improved by giving more quantifiable measurements, e.g. "25g" rather than "small"), but I normally manage 2-3. And I've found that it's actually quite satisfying to peel/chop vegetables to prepare dinner, rather than just phoning for pizza or going to a takeaway for burger and chips. I'm hoping that this will also work out cheaper, but I'm many months behind on my accounts at the moment, so I'm not sure about that yet.

Meanwhile, a random thought that occurred to me after watching several episodes of DS9 in a row - with all the various Starfleet uniforms we've seen over the years, none of them have ever included hats/helmets. Not even the dress uniforms. That struck me as odd, compared to something like SG-1. But it may just be because I've been issued with a hat (peaked cap, a la traffic warden) as part of my SJA uniform...
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