John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Hmm, my hours are getting weird again... On Monday, I was in work from noon until 5:30 on Tuesday morning. I got home at 6:45, slept until about 13:15, and took the rest of the day off work. That's skewed my hours for the rest of the week (typically doing about 1pm->10pm), then yesterday I arrived at 15:15 and left at 05:15 this morning. I've just got home, and I think it's probably better to stay up now, rather than going to bed - that way I've got a chance of getting to bed at a reasonable time tonight.

I'm on duty tomorrow morning at 9am with SJA, so I need to be up for that - it's some kind of BMX event, so I figure there's a reasonable chance of broken bones etc. Not that I want anyone to get hurt, but it gets a bit dull when I'm standing around all day with nothing to do... Last weekend was the first one since Easter when I wasn't on duty, so I did some sorting out around the flat; in particular, I made some inroads into my backlog of unread magazines. So, I think that I'll do more of the same today - I can slump in an armchair all day, while still claiming to be productive.

Now, the key question - have I saved up enough points to go for a fry-up breakfast across the road? I think I can justify it...
Tags: bodyclock, diet, sja

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