John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Weekend redux

After yesterday's entry, I stayed up until about 5:30pm, by which point I could barely keep my eyes open, and I kept dozing off during the DS9 episode I was watching. So, I decided to take a nap for a couple of hours, and set my alarm for 8pm so that I could watch Eurovision. I then woke up at 3am, with no memory of turning my alarm off. And I must have dropped off quite quickly (and soundly), despite the daylight outside, because I got a text message about 20 minutes later that didn't wake me up. If I'd known I was going to sleep for that long, I would have got changed first... Ah well, I'm sure it did me good. I got up for a quick bite to eat, then wound up not being able to get back to sleep. By the time it got to 5am, I was wondering whether I should just accept defeat and stay up, but I then fell asleep soon afterwards, and had trouble dragging myself out of bed for SJA duty this morning.

On a related issue, I really need to sort out bedroom curtains at some point, although that's tied into the wider issue of decorating etc. As an alternative, has anyone tried out sleep masks? I'm hoping that I'll get enough sleep tonight (and at the right time) that I can drag my working hours back into a vaguely normal routine this week, so anything that can help with that would be good.

The duty today went well. The main thing that bothers me about football is the amount of hostility involved, e.g. large groups of fans chanting "Paedo!" whenever the referee makes a decision against their team. By contrast, people were competitive at the BMX race (I'm inclined to say the parents more than the children), but they were still friendly. And we treated a few people for minor cuts, so that's useful experience for me.

Speaking of SJA, the training session last Tuesday was all about the organisational structure, e.g. the different ranks involved. One thing that interested me is that most people do seem to rise through the ranks: brigade member (what I am) -> corporal -> sergeant -> officer (varying numbers of pips/crowns). Whereas my understanding of the army is that you basically pick a career path (enlisted vs officer), and it would be very unusual for a sergeant to become a captain. So, this seems more like the "Starship Troopers" approach. I think that's something I'd be interested in doing, so I've spoken to our D/S (District Superintendent) about it; the whole process of leadership training will probably take a year or so, and by then I'd expect one of our corporals to have been promoted, so there will probably be a vacant slot. I was also amused by the idea that I'm in the same chain of command as the Queen, since she's Sovereign Head of the order. Granted, there is already an existing chain (monarch->subject), but in the same way that you say "The Earl of whatsit is 37th in line to the crown", I don't know whether that means that I am nth in line to her second job (for suitably large values of n). And on the royal theme, one of the other people I was on duty with today was telling me about the various honours that some members get from The Order of St John. It sounds like a similar principle to MBE/OBE/CBE, where the awards are "Serving Brother", "Officer Brother", "Commander", and "Knight Commander". It's not something I'd be eligible for in the imminent future (it's traditional to get your medal for 12 years of service first, and even then it's not automatic), but I do have a soft spot for the whole heraldry thing, so I wouldn't say no if they offered me such a thing (despite my republican tendencies).

This evening, I've started to clear out my "Enterprise" backlog. I'm not sure whether it's the first time I've heard the new theme tune, but I don't think much of it; they seem to have taken the only good bits out of it. In particular, I used to like the theme that humanity has achieved some great things in the history of [space]flight, and the music gave that a sense of grandeur, whereas now that's gone. And watching Exile, it was one of those situations where I start talking to the TV, telling the characters not to be so damn stupid. Using an analogy (to keep this spoiler free), if I'd just parked my car somewhere, then I noticed that it was starting to roll away slowly because the hand brake was broken, I wouldn't just call out to my friend and say "Hmm, that's not good", I'd run after it, and get back in! Hmmph. On the plus side, I did get a story idea from that episode, which I'll add to my list of "things to do when I have more spare time".

Ending on some good news, I have to say full marks to Pizza Hut for putting nutritional information on their website; that's very helpful, so I was able to use up all my saved WeightWatchers points and treat myself.
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