John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

A good day

Been a decent day so far, with lots of birthday wishes from friends. Since I've got the day off work, I've been catching up on some stuff.

So, phoned the insurance company to check on the status of my bike. No actual updates - they said I should call back tomorrow if I haven't heard from them. The woman did say that they'd typically class damage as a write-off if the estimate is > 60% of the cost of the bike, which is certainly the case here, so I'll see what happens on that front.

Also on the bike front, finally got round to claiming a rebate from my original test which was cancelled (back in July 2000) - that should give an idea of how much of a back-log is on my "to do" list... Anyway, got it sent off now.

Got my MSc application finished off. When it got round to 4am last night, and I still wasn't asleep, I pretty much gave up on the idea, so got up to work on the form. I eventually got back to bed at 7am, and grabbed a few hours sleep. Anyway, that's done now, after some helpful advice from Michelle. I went over to Kings this afternoon so that I could drop it off in person, and got to the department at about 14:30. However, the MSc admissions office was empty, so I pushed the envelope under the door. Hopefully someone will find it soon, i.e. they were on a long lunch rather than a month's holiday... All I can do is wait now (and maybe brush up on my Durham undergrad notes).

I've been reading "The Science of Discworld" on the train, which is very entertaining, although I'm not sure how much it will actually teach me that I didn't know already.

On my way home, came past an Orange shop, so I decided this would be a good time to upgrade my phone, since it's been turning itself off randomly lately. I've now got an Ericsson T68, which is all shiny :)

Oh yes, also watched "I'm alright Jack" this morning - great film, and completely shameless. E.g. you have the trade union saying "We refuse to accept the principle that someone should be fired for incompetence", and the Minister for Labour saying "We will act [on this strike], but we won't interfere". Not the type of film that gets made nowadays, but well worth watching if you get the chance.

So, now I'm watching Stargate episodes, to catch up with the others. Once the others all get home, maybe we can play Monopoly and eat cake, or some other such thrilling activity :)
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