John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

I watched "The Girl Next Door" this evening, which was surprisingly good. Actually, there seems to be a trend emerging here - most films I've seen lately have either been better than I expected or slightly disappointing. Anyway, I'd recommend it - it was funny, and it didn't follow the usual formula of films like "American Pie". One odd aspect to it was that it felt as if it was over when it was about half-way through, and then every 10 minutes or so after that I kept thinking "Ok, that wraps up everything up ... oh, wait, no it doesn't". Unusual, but it worked quite well.

More generally, I think this is one benefit of watching films on TV, as opposed to renting the DVD or whatever - I have to wait longer for them, but I'm more likely to watch things that didn't initially grab my attention, so I do broaden my tastes a bit.
Tags: films

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