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A subject line to generate horror in the minds of those who know me well :)

I've just got back from Oxford Street - did my weekly comics run, and found a copy of "Sir Apropos of Nothing" (the Peter David novel I was after last week). I also picked up Munchkin and Munchkin 2 at the games shop . I've never actually played this game, but Lorna speaks highly of it, and it looks quite funny, so hopefully this will be something we can play in the flat.

I also went back to the Orange shop, to sort out my mobile. It turns out that the phone is actually fine - I was pressing the wrong button to turn it on. <cough> Well, it could happen to anyone! In my defense, that's what the guy in the shop told me to do, and it was the tech support people who said "The phone's broken". I did also try pressing the real on button to turn it on, but you have to hold it down for a few seconds, and I hadn't tried that. Ah well, at least I didn't embarrass myself by going into righteous-indignation mode ("How dare you sell me a phone that doesn't work?!").

There's a new Dan Dare series showing on Channel 5 now. I taped it this morning, so I'll watch that later. From the look of the website, I'm a bit dubious about it (I'm not sure how much resemblance it actually bears to the comics), but I'll give it a go. On the plus side, while I was browsing that page, I found a link to a shop that sells the Dan Dare books (hardback collections of the 50s strips), which are now out of print, so I ordered two that I'm missing, and they were posted today.

Oh, and courtesy of baratron, a LiveJournal parody.
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