John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Hmm, quite a long day today, filled with various short-ish things.

I was out of the flat by 08:45, so that I could go off to my Japanese lesson. The course is going pretty well, although it can be a challenge for me to find time to do my homework. Today we got to the point where we can have conversations like "Is that my pencil?" "No, it is a table." I'll be translating Pratchett stories any day now :)

Then straight off to SJA duty (football) this afternoon; no real change to my standard views there.

After that, straight on to another SJA duty (Carshalton fireworks). Well, a minor detour to a chip shop en route, but otherwise straight on. I also did SJA duty at Brockwell Park fireworks last night, but that was fairly low key (about 2000 people), whereas this was more like 30,000. After that, I got home at about 10pm.

So, I think that a "slobbing around" day is justified tomorrow. And as luck would have it, I recieved "Civ IV" in the post this morning. I played Civ II a lot when that came out (about 9 years ago), although I didn't get into Civ III so much. Nowadays, I rarely play computer games at all, but I'll give this a go tomorrow and see what it's like. I've certainly been impressed at a technical level so far (i.e. it doesn't need admin rights, and is aware of the Windows XP firewall), and I'm glad that they've put the videos back in for "wonders of the world". I remember that there was something that always used to annoy me about diplomacy (there was something specific that I wanted to do but couldn't), although I don't remember what it was; I'll see whether I remember it when I play the game, and whether they've corrected it. I'm also hoping that they've brought the Elvis impersonator back :) Anyway, give me a yell if you have a copy and fancy an internet game sometime.
Tags: fireworks, games, japanese, sja

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