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John C. Kirk

Well, it's been a mixed couple of days. I knew that I'd have to work late last night, but it turned out to be a lot later than expected - I arrived at work at 08:45 yesterday morning, and left at about noon today. In fairness, this is being done to meet my own self-imposed deadline, so I can't whine about an unreasonable boss; it's just unfortunate that I had a meeting pushed up from afternoon to morning, so it wasn't worth going home at about 06:30 when I finished the main bulk of the work.

I'm really not cut out for these all-nighters like I used to be (at school, I'd sometimes only sleep on alternate nights). Mind you, I have noticed that the fatigue comes in phases; the 22 hour mark is the worst. Once it got to about 8am, I found that I felt a lot more alert when I was walking around, and I only felt dozy when I sat down. But since I got back home I haven't felt particularly tired, so I'll just have an early-ish night rather than getting my hours completely skewed.

One advantage of getting back earlier is that I've been able to pick up my motorbike, freshly serviced/MOTed. So, I have wheels again: it's time to saddle up. (Imagine that said in ludicrous film trailer narrator voice to get the full effect.) I was amused by the paperwork involved, though. The mechanic gave me the MOT certificate, but I also asked to get my logbook stamped/signed, so he told me to go to the admin office. The girl in there asked what I needed, so I showed her the stamps from previous services (there's a square marked out on the page, where you can get the company name/address whacked in). Apparently the shop doesn't have an official stamp, but she found something in her drawer that would act as a substitute. It's a bit faded, but I think it's some kind of beetle - it certainly looks like an animal with a lot of legs. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a very nice beetle, it's just unusual to see one in this context :)

Speaking of paperwork, I've also had a letter back from the National Blood Service (following up on my recent visit). Good news (well, in a manner of speaking): I have suitably large veins, and a high enough platelet count for them to collect more than one dose at a time, so I've been accepted onto the plateletpharesis panel. They didn't specifically mention whether this is the same thing as the "baby platelet panel", but I can ask about that when I go along to give my first donation. Coincidentally, I also had a second letter from the NBS, inviting me to a regular donor session in Croydon, but I assume that they'll stop sending me those once I'm properly enrolled at the apheresis clinic. (Incidentally, this page explains the different "pharesis" terminology.)

In other news, I've been investigating digital certificates - more info in a separate post.

Looking ahead, it should be a fairly hectic weekend: Japanese class tomorrow morning, then into the office in the afternoon, and back to Croydon in the evening for an SJA Presentation event (I'm guessing that I'll get some certificates for the training I've done). And back into the office again on Sunday; with luck I can then take next Friday off work as TOIL, making an early start to my week of "proper" leave.
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