John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Well, day 1 of my flat-sorting-out project, and I've dragged bulky furniture downstairs, had a long sleep, then moved my bookcases from bedroom to lounge. I haven't actually got as far as picking up a paint brush yet, but that can come tomorrow.

In the process of moving things around, I've been able to clean up a bit (e.g. sweeping areas that were hard to reach before), and I've been sorting through my piles of post. This includes a couple of Sky promotions, in case anyone's interested in getting it installed.

There are two promotions going at the moment:

a) If you take out a Sky subscription, I get a free Sky+ box or £50 of M&S vouchers. (Valid until 31st December.)

b) If you take out a Sky subscription, you get a free Sky+ box and a half-price subscription for the first three months. (Valid until 15th December.)

I doubt that any of you are actually interested in this, but feel free to shout if you are. I'm also hard pressed to think of any reason why you should go for the first offer rather than the second, unless the second one has expired by the time you get round to it.

As a side-note, one of these campaigns had the slogan "Love is ... giving your friends a free Sky+ box". I'm a bit dubious about that, but they included a tube (roll? packet?) of "Love Hearts", which I'm happy to eat. Actually, I didn't realise that they still made them; I haven't eaten any since I was at school. Looks like they've updated their slogans a bit though, e.g. "Email me". I'm less convinced by "Fax me"...
Tags: decorating, food, tv

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