John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

No news is ... no news

Hmm, well, I emailed the admin lady at Kings to make sure that they'd actually found the application form that I shoved under the door. It turns out that the office I went to was on the wrong floor. Aargh! Anyway, she was very nice, and said that she'd try to track it down for me, which is good. Still, I suspect that this isn't the best way to impress them with my keen intellect...

On the plus side, the last time I was in contact with her was in May (for preliminary questions), and I was a bit concerned that the course might have filled up since then. I didn't specifically ask about that this time (since I've got nothing to lose by submitting the application form), but she didn't say "Sorry, we're full, so there's no point looking for the form", which I choose to interpret as a good sign.
Tags: postgrad

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