John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Day 7: Well, today has been somewhat less productive than I'd hoped. I've put another (partial) coat of paint on the bedroom walls, and used up the last of my 5L of paint. It now looks a lot more like a proper room, but there are still a few patchy areas; I can deal with them later, once furniture etc. is all in place.

Meanwhile, I've tried to deal with some furniture. I got a new DVD storage unit from Argos last weekend, but unfortunately there are nowhere near enough screws to actually assemble it properly, and it also doesn't seem to be possible to fill all the shelves with DVDs (at least one will be too short). I then started drilling the bedroom wall so that I can (finally!) get curtains up, but I've only managed to do one of the three mounts - the drill just doesn't seem to be going in far enough on the second one, and I haven't started the third one yet. Similarly, I marked out positions on the WC wall so that I can drill holes for the mirror; this meant that I needed to take the mirror out of its wrapping (to poke a pencil through its holes). Unfortunately, I then accidentally kicked it while it was on the ground (wearing steel toe capped boots), and knocked the corner off. It's only a small bit missing, so the mirror itself is still quite functional, but it looks a bit untidy, and may be dangerous (I haven't tried touching the corner to test for sharpness). I can get a replacement easily enough, but it's an annoying waste of time/money, and also leaves me with the problem of how to dispose of this one - it's not like a broken drinking glass where I can just wrap it in newspaper and throw it in the bin. So, I think I'll need to put it in one of my flatpack boxes then take it to the dump myself.


Anyway, I'm now taking a detour, so that I can do some Japanese revision before Saturday's test.
Tags: decorating

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