John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Today's Japanese class was a bit deserted - only four students turned up, out of the normal twelve. I'm guessing that the others weren't feeling confident about the test. Anyway, it was a bit harder than I'd expected, so I had to skip several questions, but afterwards the teacher said "Don't worry about it, you've all passed", so I think it was more of a revision aid than anything else.

One thought I did have is that I need to keep a sense of perspective about my current skill level. On the one hand, I think I'm getting pretty good at Hiragana - I recognise all the symbols, and I can draw most of them from memory. On the other hand, looking at it from the point of view of, say, a Japanese five year old, I'm doing the equivalent of reading like this:

"Let's see, that's kuh ... ah ... hang on, don't tell me, I know this one ... just a minute ... it's, um, tuh! Yes, that's it! So, kuh ah tuh ... cat! Yes, I rock!"

Anyway, we've got quite a long break until the second term starts (over a month), so that gives me time to get up to speed on all of this.

Now, back to painting...
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