John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

A couple of random observations, while I'm feeling in a cheerful mood...

"Steps" really had/have some great music videos - they're a lot of fun, and they actually tell a story, rather than just having people standing in a recording studio wearing headphones. In particular, I'm thinking about "Tragedy" and "Heartbeat" (since they both tend to get shown on Magic fairly often).

By rights, "Tragedy" ought to be a really depressing goth type song (based purely on the lyrics), but it's actually really bouncy. My favourite part of the video is when the two guys are driving off, and H does a dramatic gesture of pointing his right arm up in the air to signal "Onward!" (It's hard to describe, but hopefully you'll recognise the bit I mean if you've seen the video.) It also amuses me that when you have the three abandoned bridegrooms sitting in the church at the end, neither of the guys who have their hands free make any effort to untie the one who's been bound with a bellrope.

Then "Heartbeat" - I tend to get distracted from the lyrics, but the idea seems to be that it's a song about two lovers whose hearts beat as one; fair enough. So, naturally, the video involves H being kidnapped by dwarves and taken to the Ice Queen in a flying sledge. It's just completely out there! They also seem to have spent a lot of money (going out on location) to deliberately produce something that looks extremely fake. So, as I say, very strange, but I was grinning all the way through it.

It's a shame that the group disbanded, since I wasn't particularly impressed by the subsequent solo/duo projects. Still, I've got the CDs etc. to entertain me, and maybe they'll do a reunion concert sometime.

By contrast, I think that Bulldog have completely missed the mark with their latest advertising campaign. They have a picture of an idyllic pastoral scene, with a clear sky, rolling meadows, trees, and a rustic-looking wooden gate that is wide open; nobody in sight. Tagline: "the gate is open". My immediate reaction: "Well, close it then!" I was brought up with the Country Code (particularly from reading Cub/Scout annuals), and one key point was "Always close the gate after you, to stop animals wandering off where they're not supposed to go". I've actually seen the TV advert that precedes the poster, but that's still my immediate reaction, so I don't know what other people make of it in isolation.
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