John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Dead tribble time!

Well, another long-ish day at work. Big push to roll-out my application in Korea this week and next week, so I'm being kept fairly busy with change requests. Still, things should ease off after that, and it won't hurt to impress the partners with my dedication just before my review :)

Missed going off to see Minority Report with the others, so I took advantage of the flat being empty to give myself a haircut (hence subject line - Michael's comment on what the bin looks like afterwards).

I see there's now a freephone number set up to get my Terminator DVDs replaced:
0800 3898 384
See for more info. So I'll give them a call tomorrow.

Got a letter from the BCS today, saying that they're ready to progress my application for professional membership. That's further than I've got in the past, which is encouraging. So, they want me to fill out another form, and gather some documentation together. Fair enough. I can then expect their answer within 4-6 months. Say what?! Well, that now sinks down to the bottom of my "to do" list, since it won't help with the MSc application.

Speaking of which, this seems like a good time to do a summary of university stuff.

Plan A - go straight into a PhD.

Good idea, but basically hasn't worked out - they all want better qualifications than I've got. The most encouraging response I got was "Go and do an MSc, then come back and ask again".

Plan B - do an MSc first

I've applied, they've got the form, so now I have to wait. My optimism on this tends to vary from day to day. The key point is that they say they'll lower the entrance requirements (2:1 or above) for people with "substantial" work experience. The question is, what counts as substantial? The EPSRC say that every 2.5 years of experience bounces your degree up one level, so with 7 years I'd have the equivalent of a 1st by now. However, it's also possible that they mean "real" mature students, with 20 years of experience. Anyway, I'll see what happens.

Plan C - redo my undergrad degree

I've had an offer from Kings for their 4-year MSci course, conditional on me getting an A in my Physics A-level. I've now finished all my Physics exams, so I have to wait for the results to come out, which I think is somewhere round about the 24th August.

So, I've basically done all I can for now - I have to wait and see. Best case scenario is that I get an offer to do the MSc course at Kings. Worst case scenario is that they turn me down for the MSc, and I don't get the A in Physics, so I can't go back to university at all this year.

Anyway, flatmates have returned from the cinema, so I'm off to do the sociable thing...
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