John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

I went off to watch the new Narnia film on Wednesday evening, which I thought was very good - I'll try to write a proper review over the weekend.

Tonight I went off to see "A Christmas Carol" at the theatre (Patrick Stewart's one man show), which was amazing. He did this back in 1993, when I was an undergrad in Durham, and I would have loved to see it then but it wasn't practical for me to trek down to London and sort out accommodation etc. It's half way between narration and acting, with minimal props and no costumes (he's dressed in a smart/casual suit). Aside from anything else, since it's effectively two hour-long soliloquies, he certainly has a good memory! Beyond that, I think that he's the finest actor I've ever had the privilege to see; I wouldn't exactly say that he was wasted in TNG, but it didn't make full use of his abilities. He has amazing presence, captivating the entire theatre - I was two floors up in the Grand Circle, and I could still hear everything clearly, and pick up on his expressions/movements. As for the story itself, it's been a while since I actually read it, but I now want to read it again, and it really was heartwarming. I think it's sold out for the rest of the run in London, but it's well worth watching if you ever get the chance again.

Sticking with the seasonal theme, I'm now off to read some new comics: "Marvel Holiday Special" and "GLX-mas Special". I read a preview for the former recently ("Run Claus program. Acquire: portable workshop with giftmaker-transmogrifier. Mount and power up proton sleigh. Project holographic reindeer."), and the latter has the Great Lakes Avengers, so it's bound to be funny (how can you go wrong when the cover has Squirrel Girl wearing a red nose and antlers?).
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