John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Disposal of IT equipment

Here at work I have various IT equipment to dispose of, which is free to anyone who would like it:

* 4 CRT monitors (i.e. not thin LCD ones), 3 small and 1 large - these have all been tested, and are working.

* 7 6 old mice and 9 old keyboards - these should all work. Also, a couple of extension leads for 5-pin DIN sockets (mouse/keyboard), although they're unlikely to be of much use to anyone.

* 2 modems (Motorola 3400 28.8k/sec) - I assume that these work, but I haven't tested them.

* 2 big servers (Dell PowerEdge 5100/2) - each has 2 Pentium 166 Mhz processors and 96Mb of RAM. They're pretty clunky and old, but still functional; the memory may be worth more than the rest, if you have machines of a similar vintage!

* A cardboard box full of expansion cards (not stored in separate anti-static bags, but all functional when removed from PCs).
Network: 14 12 x PCI 10/100 Mb/sec (3C900B/3C900Combo/3C905B), 8 x ISA 10 Mb/sec (3C509B). All 3Com, with RJ45/BNC connectors.
Graphics: 3 x Rage II 2Mb (PCI).
Random 1: Half-length ISA card with 25 pin female socket, marked "HP ScanJet Scanner" - SCSI?
Random 2: Frame grabber? Leutron Vision "Picport-Color", with three connectors on back. Looks a bit like this.

You can collect from here (Acton), or I can carry small things elsewhere - buzz me if you want anything, or if you need more specific info. And if you need a 10-speed hub, I'll probably have a couple of them going spare in the New Year.

Edit: Added two extra cards/cables to the list, crossed out items that have been requested.
Tags: computers, decluttering
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