John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

On the buses

A slightly odd thing happened when I was on the bus this evening. Following the example of "Quantum and Woody" (a comic which I know some of you have read), I'll use "noogie" as a substitute for another (offensive) word that starts with "n".

So, as I say, I was on the bus, and then lots of people got off at a particular stop. The bus tends to empty out there, so I'm often the only passenger left who goes on as far as the railway station. There were a group of young guys behind me (probably aged about 18), mostly black, but there was one white guy with his hair in braids. As they went past, the white guy punched me (lightly) in the arm, and said "This is the last stop, noogie". I knew it wasn't, and assumed that he was deliberately trying to annoy me (I do encounter idiots like that every so often), so I just gave him a cold look, and didn't say anything. However, on reflection, I wonder whether he was actually trying to be friendly.

Arguments in favour of "foe":
* He punched me.
* He gave misinformation.
* He used a term that's bordering on illegal.

Arguments in favour of "friend":
* He didn't hurt me, so it may just have been a way to get my attention.
* He may have believed that his information was correct.
* Since I'm clearly not black, it would be a rather bizarre insult (and probably dangerous for him with the company he kept), so "noogie" may just have been the equivalent of "bruv"/"mate"/"comrade".

Thus, it's poll-time again:

Friend or foe?


I guess I have a few things to learn about "keepin' it real" etc...
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