John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
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Dr Who

SPOILERS for the Christmas episode of Dr Who:

I enjoyed the episode, and the new actor is growing on me, although I was a bit dubious about his Dirty Harry riff ("Are you feeling lucky? The truth is that I don't know myself.").

Anyway, overconvergent posted a poll about the use of Torchwood. (As a sidenote, that would have been a better ending if the BBC hadn't given it away on their website in advance - they didn't edit the article to include a spoiler warning until later.) As per my vote/comment, I wouldn't have used the weapon, but I can understand why the PM did. Although there are parallels between that and the sinking of the Belgrano, I think the main difference is that we were at war with Argentina at the time, whereas the Sycorax had surrendered.

As a separate question, I've been wondering about the ultimatum that was given. Personally, I think it should have been left up to the UN, rather than being a British decision, but I also dislike being threatened, so my vote would be to say "Up yours - we're not giving in" (and I say that as someone with A+ blood). How about the rest of you?

Poll #640738 Dr Who

Given the Sycorax ultimatum, what would be your response?

1/3 dead
1/2 enslaved
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