John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk


Mainly for my own benefit, a quick round-up of various TV programs that will start showing soon on British TV (as opposed to the USA):

Monday 2nd Jan, 22:30, Paramount Comedy Channel: South Park (start of season 5)

Tuesday 3rd Jan, 20:00, LivingTV: Charmed (last episode of season 7)

Thursday 5th Jan, 20:00, LivingTV: Charmed (start of season 8)

Friday 6th Jan, 21:00, Paramount Comedy Channel: South Park (season 9 resumes)

Sunday 8th Jan, 16:00, Channel 4: Enterprise (season 4 resumes)
Sunday 8th Jan, 19:00, E4: Smallville (last episode of season 4)

Monday 9th Jan, 21:00, E4: Smallville (start of season 5)

Tuesday 10th Jan, 20:00, Sky One: Stargate SG-1 (season 9 resumes)
Tuesday 10th Jan, 21:00, Sky One: Battlestar Galactica (start of season 2)

Wednesday 11th Jan, 20:00, Sky One: Stargate Atlantis (season 2 resumes)

(I assume that Joey will start season 2 on Five some time in January, but I'm not sure when.)
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