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Well, a pretty crappy day at work.

Basically, this fortnight (8th-19th July) is very busy, while they install my application in Korea. The key point is that they want to get any issues sorted out while our guys are on-site, and before they've installed the software on all their machines. The added complication is that I'm training up my replacement, so I have to balance out how much time I spend doing stuff myself (which is quicker in the short term), and how much time I spend teaching him stuff (which is better in the long term). So, last Friday (5th), I didn't get home until midnight, because we were preparing a full setup program for Korea. At the start of this week, I got an email with a list of changes that had to be done for this coming Monday (15th). Some were minor, some were major - the thing is that each country has a slightly different way of doing business. Anyway, that's what I was expecting, so I planned out my week to take care of that. In fact, I worked late at the start of the week, in the hope that I'd be able to leave on time later in the week. Then the following day I get another list of changes, which also have to be done for the Monday deadline. So, I adjust my schedule, and work late again. Then the same the next day, and so on. Even this morning (Saturday), I had an email with about 10 extra change requests! Mutter, mutter, shifting goalposts...

So, I've been getting home at 11pm for the last few days. Today, I left the house at 10:15 to go into work. I made a couple of stops along the way (paid rent, picked up comics, bought some Magic cards), and got into the office at noon. I then left the office at 00:45, by which time the last tube had gone, so I got the night bus back, and arrived home at 02:45. Not the most relaxing way to spend the weekend!

To be fair, I knew this was coming, and it is a balancing act. I've left work early in the past, when I needed to get to Picocon commitee meetings etc., and that's been ok. The idea is that I leave early when I need to, and I work late when they need me to. I don't really mind what I do, so much, it's more what I don't do, if that makes sense. So, looking back at last weekend, nothing much happened, so it wouldn't have been a major hassle to go into the office. Whereas today, there was a flat dinner, which I would have liked to attend. Looking at Lloyd's journal, they all had fun, and I can't help feeling envious (although not jealous - I don't resent the others for enjoying themselves). Also this week, I've missed the ICSF trip to see "Minority Report", and the regular Thursday night Magic game (which I haven't been able to attend for ages)

Ah well, if all goes according to plan then I'll be at university in a few months, and well out of all this. I'm definitely looking forward to taking some time off, too. Aside from my birthday, and an open day in March, I haven't had any time off since I moved house last September. I've been out of the office for Physics, but that's not exactly R&R... Anyway, I'll know more details when I get my review (post-Korea).

The irony is that if/when I leave my job, I'll be in a position to spend a lot more time with my flatmates, rather than just waving hi to them as they go to bed. However, if we all go our separate ways in September then I'll probably see even less of them than I do now. I can understand the reasoning that it's easier to find a 3-bed flat than a 4-bed flat, so I'm trying not to take it personally, but it still sucks :(

On the plus side, I spent the journey home ranting quietly to myself, so I'm feeling a bit more mellow now. When I got home, I saw a note from the others (I think it's Lorna's writing), saying that they'd saved me some dinner (veggie lasagna and chocolate cake), so I'm eating that now (which is very nice, by the way). I must say, I'm quite touched by that - it's domesticated things like that which make this place feel like home, rather than just "the place where I sleep when I'm not at work".

I have absolutely no intention of going into the office tomorrow (well, today, i.e. Sunday), so hopefully I'll be able to be a bit more sociable. I've suggested going off to see "Scooby Doo" at the local cinema, so we'll see what comes of that.

So, now I'll just finish reading the Dork Tower comics that I bought earlier while I have dinner, then get some sleep...
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