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John C. Kirk

Today's been a busy SJA day: I did my AED training this morning, and then football in the afternoon. AED training went well - that's something I've been wanting to do for a long time, on the basis that if I'm passing through a station in my everyday life and I see someone keel over in front of me with a heart attack then I'd want to be able to do something about it; anyway, I'm now qualified to use the machines, which is good.

The standard teaching style nowadays is that it's based around the trainer asking questions and getting the class to offer possible answers (which will be corrected if necessary) rather than a straight info-dump. That's all fine, but it does sometimes leave me with a minor dilemma - if I know the answers to lots of questions (or at least think that I do), and other people are being quiet, should I keep answering them or is it better (fairer) for me to stay quiet and encourage other people to have a go? This was something that came up on one of my school reports (for Maths), where the teacher said that she had to explicitly ask me questions (i.e. by name) because I wouldn't volunteer answers when she asked the class in general. When I discussed that with my housemaster, I basically said "It's not that I'm shy, it's just that I know I'll get the answer right, so I want to give other people the chance to learn". (This was before I went to university, and found that degree level Maths was much more difficult than the classes at school...)

Although I do need to resume my diet plan soon, I figured that I'd take the lazy option of getting veggie burger and chips from a local takeaway tonight. Unfortunately, I then managed to drop the carton on the short trip back to my flat, spilling the contents all over the pavement. So, £3.20 well spent there... Anyway, I picked the stuff up and put it back into the carton, on the basis that it's a bit anti-social to leave a big mess there. This then made me ponder the five second rule, i.e. "if food falls on the ground and you pick it up within five seconds then it's ok to eat it".

I figure that it's fine to do that in my flat, and places like cinemas are a bit of a grey area, but the ground outside is pretty disgusting even by my standards. So, I only ate a couple of the chips before I threw the rest away (they tasted ok). More generally, I like to think that I have a fairly strong immune system, and a certain amount of exposure to germs/dirt probably helps to keep it that way (the same principle as vaccines). What do the rest of you think?

Poll #647652 5 second rule

When does the 5 second rule apply?

Nowhere at all
Only in your home
In anyone's home
Anywhere indoors
Anywhere at all

I should also clarify that this only applies to my own food - if I'm cooking for other people, then I apply slightly more rigorous standards! (In the same way that I will wear surgical gloves when treating casualties.)
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