John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Today was the regular SJA training session, which was quite interesting (bag-and-mask stuff). I'm now booked on training days for medical gases (5th Feb) and driving theory (11th March), so I'm looking forward to them. I've also got some photos for the website, which I'll sort out later.

In case anyone's interested, here's a picture of me in my uniform:
John in SJA uniform

(Technically I shouldn't have my hands in my pockets, but this is the least incriminating photo I could find...)

In other news, I quite liked this tip from Motley Fool: "Ah, January, the month of good intentions. Put a fiver on each friend going smoke-free, no-alcohol or low-carb. They'll try valiantly to prove you wrong, but come February, the clever Fool will be collecting winnings!" A bit cynical, and slightly cruel to exploit your friends that way, but amusing nonetheless.

And speaking of mixed feelings, I really shouldn't be tempted by He-Man & She-Ra - A Christmas Special.

Coming back to SJA, there's a quiz night in a few weeks, between different divisions. Apparently the plan is to redeem the honour of 359 (Addiscombe and East Croydon) by beating Croydon. I'm happy to take part, although I do wonder whether the others are overestimating my general knowledge skills. The last time I played Trivial Pursuit, there was a question about "Who is Princess Aurora also known as?", to which I proudly proclaimed "She-Ra!" It turns out that I'd got Aurora and Adora mixed up. Well, it could happen to anyone...
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