John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

A random thought that occurred to me: is The X-Files the only long-running American SF series that hasn't had a spin-off? Let's use 6 seasons as the (somewhat arbitrary) definition of "long running". Then we have:

  • Babylon 5 - lasted 5 seasons, led to Crusade (and arguably Legend of the Rangers).

  • Buffy - lasted 7 seasons, led to Angel.

  • Hercules - lasted 6 seasons, led to Xena.

  • Highlander - was itself a spin-off from the film, lasted 6 seasons, led to animated series and The Raven.

  • Stargate SG-1 - was itself a spin-off from the film, has lasted 9 seasons and counting, led to Stargate Infinity and Stargate Atlantis.

  • Star Trek TNG - was itself a spin-off from TOS/movies, lasted 7 seasons, led to DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise.

Charmed is the only other example I can think of (now up to season 8), but it hasn't finished yet, so there's still time. Quantum Leap is the next runner up (only lasted for 5 seasons).

I seem to recall that sulkyblue did a similar list of TV shows a while back (in the context of whether they made it to year 7), but I can't find it now.
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