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20 songs: answers - John C. Kirk — LiveJournal

Feb. 2nd, 2006

12:02 am - 20 songs: answers

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Following on from the "20 songs" meme, here are the answers.

1. You see it every day in every way
"Layin' it on the line" [Starship, "Greatest Hits"]

2. Spending all my nights, all my money, going out on the town
"Baby Come Back" [Player, "The Power of Love: 1975-1977"]

3. Well even the longest night won't last forever
"Prime Time" [Alan Parsons, "The Power of Love: 1982-1985"]

4. I play out my role
"Long Hot Summer" [Style Council, "The Power of Love: 1981-1983"]

5. You try to read me, you try to figure out
"Let Me Be" [Britney Spears, "Britney"]

6. She's been afraid to go out
"Her Town Too" [James Taylor & J. D. Souther, "The Power of Love: 1980-1983"]
Identified by sammoore

7. Sunshine go away today, don't feel much like dancing
"Sunshine" [Paul Westerberg, "Friends soundtrack"]

8. There are times when you get suckered in, by drugs and alcohol and sex with women
"Riches to Rags (Mmmkay)" [Nappy Roots, "South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut soundtrack"]
Identified by stagknight

9. Big wheels keep on turning, carry me home to see my kin
"Sweet Home Alabama" [Lynard Skynard, "The Power of Love: 1970-1976"]
Identified by stagknight

10. There's a green hill far away
"In Fields Where We Lay" [B*Witched, "Awake and Breathe"]

11. I can't stop this feeling, deep inside of me
"Hooked On A Feeling" [Vonda Shepherd, "Songs from Ally McBeal"]
Identified by sulkyblue

12. Moon river, wider than a mile
"Moon River" [Jerry Butler, "Soul Lovers"]
Identified by sulkyblue

13. Come on and listen to the mole rap
"The Naked Mole Rap" [Will Friedle & Nancy Cartwright, "Kim Possible soundtrack"]

14. View from a bridge
"View From A Bridge" [Kim Wilde, "More Greatest Hits Of The 80s (v2)"]

15. I saw the lamplight from your window
"Every Day Hurts" [Sad Cafe, "The Power of Love: Heartbeat"]

16. Yeah I'm a deeper shade of blue
"Deeper Shade Of Blue" [Steps, "Steptacular"]
Identified by sulkyblue

17. I don't wanna lose you, but I don't wanna use you
"Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" [Patty Smyth & Don Denley, "The Power of Love: Breathless"]

18. What's a girl suppposed to do, with a fool like you?
"The Shy One" [B*Witched, "Awake and Breathe"]

19. I'd be really pleased to meet you if only I could remember your name
"Incommunicado" [Marillion, "More Greatest Hits Of The 80s (v4)"]

20. Get up, get out, move on, move on, there's no doubt
"Take Me Away" [Christina Vidal, "Freaky Friday soundtrack"]

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