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Ok, here's page 2 of the comic, along with more commentary:

Page 2

I'm not sure why the top part came out grey - possibly some dust on my scanner. I've used MS Paint to erase some of it, and hopefully it's not too distracting. I'm also not sure why the bottom two panels are so much darker than the rest - maybe just because I inked them most recently, so it hasn't had time to dry/soak in fully.

Looking back on yesterday's page, I now realise that I forgot to draw ears in panel 3, which was a bit of an oversight. Ah well, I'll claim that her hair was blocking them from view, and I've done better with today's page.

Panel 5 of today's strip is probably my favourite out of the entire comic, partly because it fits my current skill level - domestic violence is normally a disturbing subject, but I think that when it's drawn in this style it can be funny, like Tom and Jerry. I slightly messed up his mouth in the thought bubble, but never mind.

One thing I have noticed today is that I had a lot of trouble with the inking - I'd move my pen over the page, but no ink would come out. It was fine when I scribbled on a piece of scrap paper, and I've tried a different pen, so I'm guessing that it's just the way I'm using it. Mind you, it is also possible that a 20p biro isn't the preferred tool for the serious artist :) And that's ok - this is a very low budget exercise for me, and it helps to justify more expensive things later if I can compare the results to this.
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