John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

I was planning to go to Picocon today, but I didn't make it; a combination of having a lie-in, knowing that it finishes fairly early this year, and not being particularly interested in any of the GoHs. Anyway, I hope it goes well.

Mind you, it turned out to be lucky in a way, since I had a series of calls from work after a power failure. If I had been at Picocon, I'd either have missed those calls (if I'd turned my mobile off during events) or I'd have had to miss the sessions anyway. There isn't a formal issue of being "on call", i.e. I'm welcome to go off and do whatever I like at weekends, but there's an understanding that they'll call me if they get into trouble and I'll try to help.

Meanwhile, I've been doing a somewhat eclectic shopping trip. I've bought a new sleeping bag at Milletts, since my old one is about 20 years old and has seen better days; I also picked up a sleep mask while I was there, so I'll try that tonight. Mind you, I was surprised that I signed the receipt, since the big Chip and Pin changeover was supposed to happen last Tuesday (14th). The guy behind the counter said that they'd be doing that "sometime in March, maybe". I've also picked up a radio earpiece from Maplins, to use on SJA duties (there's a communal supply of radios, but I guess it would be a bit manky to share the earpieces), and they didn't do Chip'n'Pin either, but I didn't bother asking them about their future plans. And I've bought a new drawing pen, so I'll try that out later.

While I was clearing up loose ends, I also stopped by the Orange phone shop, to speak to one of their phone trainers. She was able to solve 1 query out of 2, which I guess is a reasonable success rate.
1. If you're typing a word in a text message, and it accurately predicts what you want (in grey), you can use the up arrow to fill in the rest of the word. (I'd tried the right arrow, which doesn't work.)
2. I have my phone set up to automatically get the time from Orange, but it's 1 hour ahead of what it should be. I don't know whether that means a problem with their central time server, or whether my phone is set to the wrong timezone or something. The trainer said "Ah, you need to set the right time manually, then change it back to automatic mode". This resulted in it being 1 hour ahead again. "Oh, well, that must mean that you put in the wrong timezone when you first set it up, but you can't change that now". I'm a bit dubious about this, but I prefer to avoid "Is not!"/"Is too!" arguments when there's no proof available. When I got home I spoke to Orange tech support (after battling with their menu system for a while), and they said that I need to do a full system reset, but I'm a bit concerned that this may lose my custom ringtone and/or phone numbers. Since the clocks go forward again in a month it may be easiest to just wait until then, and see what happens...
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