John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk


Well, I've now finished my first week back on WeightWatchers. I went over quota on a couple of days (basically when I succumbed to pre-made food at work), but I ate less on other days to compensate, and I brought my "points bank" to exactly zero last night. The upshot today (my weighing in day) is that I've lost 2.7 kg (about 6 lb), which has prompted a bit of a nag from the website ("Sensible long-term weight loss is achieved by losing between 1-2lb a week."), but I'm not going to feel guilty about doing what they told me to do, and I'm sure that the rate will slow down in the future (based on last year). I feel a lot better about myself, although this is still fairly negligible relative to my overall weight (a 2.8% loss), so I assume that it's mostly psychological; still, I'm not knocking it!

Anyway, onward to the next week; only another 25 kg to go...
Tags: diet
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