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Here's a good website for children of the 80s:
I've just been reading through the Random Reviews, which are very funny. How can you go wrong with the Mr T Celebriduck?

And here's my latest cunning business plan: have a music station that plays old theme tunes! Think about it: you get various TV/radio stations that favour particular genres, e.g. Magic might say "This weekend is all power ballads". And you get the nostalgia programs, e.g. "100 greatest kids TV shows". And you also get albums collecting theme tunes from old TV shows, like this one. So, put them all together, and what do you have? Exactly! Arguably this might work better on a radio station than a TV station, but they do all have "built in" videos, so that shouldn't be a major problem. And I can't see copyright being a huge problem. This could work in much the same way as the existing stations, where you request your favourite. I'd happily hop to that channel to kill time while cooking or whatever.

So, who's with me on this?

If there was a TV/radio station that played back to back theme tunes, would you watch/listen?

Hell yes!
Hell no!

(Minor confession: I started down this train of thought while searching on iTunes for "David Hasselhoff sings the Baywatch theme tune".)
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