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I've just been down to the local recycling centre, which went surprisingly well.

As regular readers may recall, I tried something similar a year ago, but that wasn't very successful. Basically, there's no curbside recycling where I live, so I go to the nearest paper/bottlebank every so often (15 minutes walk each way). They don't take cardboard there, so I carried a large pile of cardboard to a recycling centre that's 30 minutes walk from here, and the security guard wouldn't let me in because I was on foot. I emailed the council about this, but I never received a proper reply.

Anyway, I've had a similar pile of cardboard building up recently, along with my old computer monitor, so I decided to have another go. (People who came to my flatwarming in December may recall that my bedroom floor was almost completely full.) I consulted the council website and found a different recycling centre that has opened near me.

When I arranged a special collection for bulky items, the council said that they'd charge an extra £15 for the monitor, so I figured that it would be cheaper to hire a taxi. Also, this site said that only cars would be admitted to the site, which would match my previous experience. I was a bit concerned about whether they'd actually accept the monitor or not; the council site refers to "household electrical appliances", but the other site doesn't, and says that they charge £15 for "white goods".

Anyway, credit where it's due: I was very impressed by the way that the facility is organised. They have a couple of big cages that are specifically designated for monitors/TVs, and a big hopper that grinds up cardboard, with staff on duty to point you in the right direction. I asked one of the staff whether I'd be allowed in on foot, and he said that it would be fine if you walked in with a few carrier bags full of cardboard, but not if you were pushing a fridge along, which sounds reasonable.

Anyway, this was a relatively minor thing, but I do feel a lot better now that I've taken care of it. It's been on my "to do" list for far too long, and my bedroom feels a lot more spacious.

So, the next thing on my list is to try putting curtains up, if I can actually drill far enough into the wall...
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