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Well, I've achieved a couple of things so far this weekend. Done a bit of tidying, and found a few pieces of paper under my bed while I was flipping the mattress. I've also filed away the last 3 months of comics, which has got rid of one of the stacks. Admittedly, that would have gone quicker if I hadn't kept stopping to read them :)

On Friday evening I was talking to Richard (from ICSF) about postgrad stuff - he's starting his PhD in September, so he had some advice about it. Basically, he said that I ought to apply for my PhD by Christmas, and from mid-October onwards I should be making myself known to potential supervisors by hanging around the department. Mind you, this will be a bit harder if I want to move from Kings to IC for the PhD. The thing is though, I couldn't go straight into a PhD this year because of my 2:2 - that's the main aim of doing the MSc, to improve my qualifications. So, once I've got the MSc (hopefully with distinction), that will make me look better. But I don't think 2 weeks of the course will really improve my chances a great deal. I was then discussing this with Michelle, since I think the path she's followed is closer to mine. She said that Richard's advice would work well if you're going straight on from a four year undergrad degree, but isn't so easy if you're coming from a one year Masters course. She waited until her exams were over (start of summer term) before applying, so that she actually had some results to show people. I'll need to give this some more thought, but it's a bit worrying to think that I haven't even started my MSc yet, and I need to start planning my PhD...

I've also been catching up on some of the TV I've taped over the last couple of weeks. I've seen the first episode of the "Dan Dare" series, with mixed feelings. It's a decent adaptation of the comics, and the voices are well done. However, I'm not so sure about the computer animation - all the smooth movement of "Thunderbirds". I also saw a random episode of "Would like to meet". They had some useful things to say about self-confidence etc., but I thought they veered too far towards "You have to pretend to be something you're not". Still, I had a poke around the BBC website afterwards, and they've got a confidence lab, so I'll have a go at that. I'm certainly feeling a lot better since I got accepted onto the MSc course - being rejected every year had been taking its toll on my self-esteem... The other thing I want to sort out is the speed I talk at. When I went to a speech therapist (when I was 13), they suggested a maximum of 100 words per minute, which sounds excessively slow to me. Viv's suggested that I listen to how fast friends speak, and then aim for that myself.

Michael returned from Cornwall last night, looking slightly pink so I'll do some deck-building with him and Michelle later.
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