John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Weight Watchers

Another week on the diet, another 0.9kg (almost 2lb) gone. I did go to the staff canteen a couple of times last week, so I had to make some guesses about the points values for things I ate, but it seems to have worked out ok (despite the usual nag). So far, I've lost 7.3kg in this attempt, which is just over 1 stone, so that's a nice milestone.

I've also found that I can now fit into the trousers of my DJ, as long as I hold my breath and don't try to do anything silly like sitting down, and I'm quite pleased about that. By the time the Royal Institution have their next Friday Evening Discourse (black tie event), I should actually be able to attend, which will be good. I'm also now borderline for parachute jumps - they have a weight limit of 92kg, and I'm 90.8kg (just me), 91.9kg (with clothes), or 93.8kg (with clothes and boots). So, I should be ok for that in a month or so.

More generally, I'm definitely starting to feel the effects of the weight loss. My trousers are now looser, so that I've had to start wearing a belt with my jeans. Meanwhile, my T-shirts feel a bit tighter across the chest, although I don't think I've really put on any weight in my upper body yet - it's more that my belly is no longer sticking out like a tent pole to make the fabric looser above it. I find it reassuring when I have clothes that actually fit me properly (Clark Kent once said something similar about the feeling of wearing his superhero outfit under his clothes), and my goal is to get to the point where my body fits me properly too.

So, now to plan out a bit of a points "buffer" so that I can afford to eat an Easter egg at the weekend.
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