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Weight Watchers

Doing my weekly weigh-in, I've now lost another 1.5kg (about 3.3lb), so I'm down to 89.3kg (about 14 stone). I went slightly over quota this week (my dinner last night was 2 pieces of Ryvita to make up for Easter egg earlier in the day), but it obviously didn't do any harm. I am a bit surprised that I seem to be consistently losing more weight than they recommend, particularly since the rate of loss seems to be increasing rather than decreasing. Ah well, I can live with it. A couple of my work colleagues mentioned the other day that I'd noticeably lost weight (this was a spontaneous comment while I was fixing their computers, not arising from a discussion about it), so that was quite nice to hear.

I'm now approaching my next milestone: 87.6kg is my "10% goal", based on my original weight when I started this last year, so I should hit that within the next fortnight. The lowest I got last year was 85.5kg (on the 1st of August), which coincided with the 25lb milestone, so I'll be glad when I can reach that again, since I'll then have repaired the damage I did when I dropped off the scheme for a while. My eventual goal is a bit nebulous at the moment; I've set it as 70kg, which is the bottom end of a healthy range for my height, but I may redefine that to be a bit higher as I approach it. I'd really like to get back to a 32" waist (I'm now in the 34"-36" range), but I'm not desperate to be ultra-skinny; one of my friends described me as "built like a brick shithouse" last summer, which I quite liked. So, I'll see how that goes.

Speaking of clothing, I have some 38" trousers that are up for grabs if anyone else would like them; they're in good condition, because I didn't wear them for long. That's two pairs of jeans (one blue, one black), one pair of smart black trousers, and one pair of smart grey/khaki shorts. Aside from the shorts, they're all for a long-ish inside leg (about 33"). I also have some smart black trousers that are 34" waist/29" inside leg, that I bought by mistake, so have never worn; I'll try to exchange them the next time I go to M&S, but I've missed their cut-off date for refunds (by a few months!) due to faffing around. Anyway, if nobody wants them then I'll donate them to Oxfam or something; arguably it might be prudent to hold on to them, since I did a similar clearout a couple of years ago and then had to re-buy big stuff, but I'm trying to think positive. I'll probably do a similar clearout for my 36" clothing soon.

On a vaguely related note, I recently mentioned that I needed to get a new swimsuit (my old one was the baggy beach shorts design). After seeing what people wore at the biathlon, I went for the jammer design (a bit like cycle shorts without the padding). I felt a bit self-conscious wearing it at first, but I'm very impressed - it's the first time in ages that I've felt as if I wasn't having to fight against my clothing while swimming, particularly during the breaststroke (i.e. I can actually pull my legs up far enough to do a decent kick).

Coming back to what I said earlier about Easter eggs, I went for a Yorkie one this year. Getting nostalgic for a moment, it does strike me that manufacturers don't really make the same effort that they used to when I was a kid. For instance, I always liked Yorkie eggs because the box came in the shape of a truck, so I could use it as a toy afterwards by sticking my Action Force figures in it. (This was before their recent rebranding exercise.) Similarly, I remember that Dr Who eggs had a game on the box; once you'd taken the egg out, you could unfold the box so that it was flat, and cut out some pieces from the side to be playing pieces and a dice "spinner" thing. Admittedly, this wasn't the greatest game ever - it was a variant on Snakes and Ladders, where you'd get squares like "Attacked by Cybermen - go back 3 squares!" or "Rescued by UNIT - go forward 2 squares!" But still, it was a fun thing to do on the Sunday afternoon. Bring back creative packaging!

As a side-note though, it's difficult to find out whether anything similar happens nowadays - a Google search for "Dr Who" "Easter egg" mostly returns pages about hidden menu options on DVDs. This sounds like a job for the Semantic Web!
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