John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

A few thoughts on recent episodes of Battlestar Galactica...

In "Scar", it seems that Boomer has taken over Baltar's traditional role (from the original series), by being the Cylon informant in the brig. And speaking of the original series, Jolly (Boomer's old partner) is one of the few characters who hasn't shown up in the new version, so it was a nice touch to have his name included in the list of dead pilots. Regarding the Cylon regeneration, it does make sense for it to apply to ships as well as individual robots. Actually, that reminded me of the novel "Only you can save mankind", where the aliens refer to Johnny as the hero who dies a thousand deaths and always comes back. In a way, it makes more sense for machines to have multiple lives than humans.

In "The Captain's Hand", Apollo seems to be on the fast-track to promotion: Captain -> Major -> Commander. I don't have any real problem with that, and it's a nice way to restore the "Commander Adama" status quo, but the comment at the end about Starbuck being CAG and having to deal with Colonel Tigh got me thinking. Just as Tigh is XO of Galactica, presumably Pegasus also has/had an XO? So wouldn't it make more sense for that person to take over during the emergency, get promoted to Commander, and then for Apollo to get bumped up to Colonel to become the new XO, thus learning the ropes? Having said that, Tigh did a fairly good job of proving that the XO isn't necessarily the best person for the big seat, but it does seem slightly odd.

As for other TV programs, Paramount are showing new episodes of South Park (continuing season 9) this Friday. Also, Channel 4/E4 are showing the first three episodes of Lost season 2 next Tuesday.
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