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Weight Watchers

Another week on the diet plan, and I've had to make a few guesses about points values (e.g. when I've bought sandwiches on SJA duties). I think I went slightly over quota again, but I've lost another 0.8kg, so that's good; a bit less than usual for me, but it stops the website whinging at me. In fact, this means that I've now reattained my 10% milestone from last year, which is encouraging.

Going through the archives, here's a summary of my statistics so far...

Current mass: 87.4kg

Profile from last year (starting on 22-Mar-2005):
Start mass: 97.3kg
10% goal: 87.6kg (first attained on 27-June-2005, at 87.3kg, reattained today)
25 lb goal: 86.0kg (attained on 01-Aug-2005, at 85.5kg - this is the lowest I got overall, before I started putting weight back on)
Mass lost to date: 9.9kg

Effective profile from when I restarted this year (27-Feb-2006):
Start mass: 98.1kg
10% goal: 88.3kg (attained last week, i.e. 01-May-2006, at 88.2kg)
25 lb goal: 86.8kg
Mass lost to date: 10.7kg (in 10 weeks)

I do my measurements in metric, but some of the milestones on the website are fixed in imperial, so 25 lb = 11.34kg.

Looking at my imminent goals:

1. Reach 86.8kg (lose 0.6kg), to hit my 25 lb goal from this year's starting weight. I should achieve that next Monday.
Edit: Achieved on 22-May-2006.

2. Reach 86.0kg (lose a further 1.0kg), to re-attain my 25 lb goal from last year's starting weight. I should get that in the next 2-3 weeks.
Edit: Achieved on 29-May-2006.

3. Reach 85.5kg (lose a further 0.5kg), to match my lowest mass from last year; everything after that is a net improvement, rather than damage control. I should get that in the next 3-4 weeks.
Edit: Achieved on 19-Jun-2006.

4. Reach 83.8kg (lose a further 2.2kg), to get a BMI of 25 (based on my height of 1.83m). That would put my at the upper limit of the recommended range. Hopefully I can do that within the next month; I'd like to get there by the end of June, so that I've got a bit of wiggle room for birthday cake at the start of July.
Edit: Achived on 10-Jul-2006.

After that, I'll just see how it goes. I bought some trousers with a 34" waist recently (since my 36" ones are getting loose), but they're still a bit tight for me; I'd like to get back to a 32" waist. If/when I achieve that, I can adjust my goals to just maintain my current (future) weight, rather than losing more. I'm not sure whether that means I'll be able to eat more than I do now (on the assumption that I'm currently eating less than I need in order to burn up my reserves), or whether it will work out the same if I don't need as many calories to drag around a lighter carcass. Ah well, at the very least I should have a bit more flexibility to pig out on pizza once in a while.
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