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Weight Watchers

As regular readers will know, I've had mixed success with my diet plan recently (a brief plateau a few weeks ago, and a slight increase last week). Since my last weigh in, I haven't exactly been very diligent about sticking to my points quota, so I wasn't very optimistic about today's results. I've been out for takeaways a few times (chips/pizza), and I also skipped swimming on Thursday (due to the mailserver problems I mentioned).

In fact, following the "tabloid science boffin" approach, I've come up with a little formula to explain the "yo-yo effect" in dieting:
m is proportional to e/tl
m = motivation to lose weight
e = amount of excess weight (i.e. how fat you are)
t = the amount of time you've been on the diet
l = how loose your trousers are
(For the non-scientists in the audience, that little fish thing means "is proportional to".)

In other words, when I started out I was quite highly motivated, because I knew that I needed to drop a few kilos, and it wouldn't be much of a hardship to eat something different. However, now that I've been on it for a while, I'm still slightly overweight but it's less of a problem; meanwhile, I've had to keep yanking my trousers up, and when I walk past all the chip shops that are right opposite my flat every day I start to get cravings about the fact that it's been so long since I really enjoyed a meal.

Anyway, I did the regular weigh-in this morning - I wasn't really looking forward to the results, but knowledge is power and all that, so I still wanted to hear the bad news. And it turned out that I've dropped 1.2kg in the last week (I'm now down to 86.3kg), prompting another wagging finger from the website. That's weird. I have seen that before, but only when I've been quite active, which doesn't really cover the last 7 days. Oh well, it probably means that there's some basic fluctuation going on, and I happened to be at the high end last week and the low end this week, balancing out the effect of the takeaways. Anyway, this means that I've now hit goal #1 (from this entry), by losing 25lb from this year's starting weight.

Regarding clothing, I've now shifted to my new 34" waist trousers. They're a bit tight, but that should increase my motivation to stay on track with the points this week. As long as I don't split them, they should be fine. Apparently Stan ("the man") Lee used to do all his writing while standing up in front of the typewriter, because he was worried about getting fat from a sedentary lifestyle, so I can always follow his lead if I get too uncomfortable sitting down. In fact, a quirk of laundry means that I'm basically in ninja mode today: black shirt/trousers/socks/boots. The Milk Tray man lives on!

In other news, I hear that it's National Vegetarian Week. That doesn't really make much difference to me, but maybe the steak lovers out there would prefer to eat some lentils instead? (Share the pain of unappetising food, that's my motto...)
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