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Let's try that again

Well, been a couple of fairly easy days at work. I'm training other guys, which has now got to the minion stage. I basically say "Here's a change to make, here's all the documentation I did, have fun!", and then hang around making comments like "There's no 'p' in 'Mechanics'..." and "I'll really miss all this when I leave" :)

I've been accumulating Magic cards lately, but not actually getting round to building decks, so I finally got round to that last night. I stayed up until 1am assembling a dwarf/minion deck, which I've been planning for a while; the impetus was that I could then take it along to the Thursday night session (i.e. tonight), to try it out. Unfortunately, I then wound up oversleeping (mainly because I was up so late), so I didn't leave work until 8pm, by which time it was too late to get to the game. Slight tactical error there. Oh well, maybe play with M&M here at some point, if they bring their cards home. If nothing else, decks make good conversation pieces...

Fairly quiet here at the moment - just been watching Farscape with Lorna and Simon, but it's old episodes that I've already seen, so I've wandered back downstairs. There's some chocolate cake in the fridge (leftover from the flat party last week) that's gone past its date, so I've been valiantly eating that for dinner. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!

I've also been speaking to Michael and Lorna about flat stuff. Nobody's feeling very enthusiastic about digging round websites etc., but they have said that we'll be hunting as a 4, which was good to hear.

Meanwhile, William mentioned that he had some trouble with my poll from Tuesday. I hadn't received any answers, so I tested it by choosing a circle and clicking the "Submit" button, which took me to an answers screen. So, not sure what happened there - maybe you have to be logged in or something. Let me know if anyone else has trouble with it. I've had 5 replies so far, and you can view the answers if you're interested. Thanks to all who've replied, and the results are quite encouraging (unanimous for "not a problem"). Interestingly, I had a vote from a_good_storm, who I've never heard of. Her latest entry says "I'm taking every poll ever made on LJ for fun", which explains that :)

Hmm, time to attempt more productive things...
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