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Weight Watchers

I'm sure you've all been on tenterhooks for my next update, so here's a summary of the last few weeks on the diet plan...

I had a slight gain two weeks ago (+0.2kg), then no change last week. However, I did an "unofficial" weigh-in last weekend, which put me a bit lower (83.7 kg vs 84.7), so I think there have been some fluctuations going on, and pigging out on birthday cake may have pushed it up a bit. I've been pretty good about my points since then (slightly over quota, but not by much), and today my mass has dropped to 83.0kg. That means that I've now hit goal #4, by getting my BMI down to 25, i.e. I now count as "healthy" rather than "overweight" based on that scale. Meanwhile, my scales have been displaying my body fat as about 18-19% consistently over the last month or so, which is also in the healthy range. So, I think this counts as some kind of victory!

I was pondering whether to get rid of my bigger clothes, and I've now decided that I will. The thing is, a lot of this involves a grey area. Any "line in the sand" is going to be pretty arbitrary, and so realistically I'd say that if weight X is ok then X+0.2kg is also ok. Unfortunately, this leads to a proof by induction where I turn into Hurley from Lost... Alternately, I might say "I'm ok as long as I can still fit into these trousers". However, "fit" can be defined as anything from "these are a bit loose and a belt might be useful" up to "if I hold my breath I can squeeze in, but if I lean forward then the top button will go pinging off across the room". (That button thing did actually happen to me when I peaked at 104kg a few years ago!)

So, I think the solution is to say that I'll treat 83.8kg (the max weight for a healthy BMI) as my upper limit. As long as I'm under that, I'll fit into 34" trousers without any trouble. If I do go slightly over, I'll still fit into them ok, but I will then make sure that I lose weight to get back under that limit, even though I probably wouldn't appear fat to the casual observer. I'm off on holiday next week, and I don't intend to track my daily points while I'm there - I'm hoping that being active will balance it out. I will still track points until I go away, and after I get back, in the hope that I can get down to a 32" waist - I have a pair of Levi jeans at that size which I bought about 5 years ago and haven't worn yet...

The only odd case is my SJA uniform, since the trousers are 36". They were (deliberately) too small for me when I requested them, but they're now so loose that I have to keep pulling them up. I can request new ones, but I think that I'll use my own black trousers on duties for the time being, and wait until I've stopped losing weight before I ask SJA to spend more money on me.
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