John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Light reading

I read a lot. In a normal week, I'd read at least one novel per day, particularly now that I'm commuting by tube rather than motorbike. I've never really treated this as a big deal, but lots of my work colleagues find this bizarre...

Anyway, I've recently been going for more science-oriented books, rather than just fiction. So, I read "Science of Discworld" a while back, and "The Selfish Gene" more recently. I'm now working through "A Brief History of Time" - I got it back in 1987, but never made it past about chapter 3. Michael tells me that it's vaguely traditional for people to read it after they do Physics A level (along with getting a New Scientist subscription), so hopefully I'll do better with it this time around. There's a few reasons for this shift - partly because I'm interested in the subject, and partly because I want to keep my brain active, in preparation for university. Mind you, it is noticeable that it takes me a lot longer to read each page in one of these books than in a novel...

Also, in my eternal quest to tidy my room, I've gathered a pile of computer magazines. I keep getting them posted to me each month, so I've got a stack going back to November 2001 (which would be published in Oct 2001), i.e. just after I moved in here. There are also a few random ones from 1997, which turned up when I was going through boxes. Since I've got them, I probably ought to read them, to get up to date on current developments. There's 22 there, so I figure that if I can read one a day, I'll be able to bin them all by the time I move...
Tags: books, decluttering, physics

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