John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Motorbike stuff

Since I've been without my motorbike for a while now (since the end of April, i.e. 3 months), I've been meaning to chase the insurance company to see what's going on. However, since I last called them (about a month ago), I'd mislaid the letter with my claim reference number, so I wanted to dig that out first. I'd hunted around, but couldn't find it anywhere. This morning, I came across it: it was on my futon. People who haven't seen my room will probably be thinking "Well, you can't have been looking very hard". By contrast, people who have seen my room will probably be thinking "Ah, that explains it" :)

So, anyway, I phoned them up when I got into work, to progress things. They said that they'd approved the repair costs in June, which came as a bit of a surprise - nice of them to tell me! I'd actually kind of assumed they'd count it as a write-off, so I'll need to adjust my plans slightly for next year (may still wind up selling it...). I then phoned the repair shop, and they said I should get it back sometime next week. Ah well, good thing I didn't buy a monthly travelcard then, particularly with tube strikes coming up.
Tags: motorbike

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