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Following a recent trend (from other people on my friends list), I appeal to the internet hivemind for information.

As I gradually conquer the piles o' stuff in my flat, and sort out decorating etc., I have a vague plan to invite people round for dinner in small-ish groups (given the size of the place). I think that cheese fondue would be quite fun in this type of situation, but this does normally involve alcohol (typically white wine), both in the fondue itself and as an accompanying drink. That's fine by me, but I know some people who avoid it, so is it realistic to make a non-alcoholic version (e.g. with grape juice), or would that just taste so bad that it's best avoided? Similarly, I've heard people saying (in France) that you need to drink wine rather than any other cold drink (e.g. water) to avoid the cheese curdling into a hard lump in your stomach, but I've also heard other people saying that this is a myth intended to sell extra drinks at restaurants - any anecdotal evidence either way?

Ironically, I did a web search for information on this, and one of the results was this LJ entry, guest starring a bunch of familiar names :) Aside from that, I found some recipes saying "use apple cider to avoid alcohol", which doesn't make a great deal of sense (at least in my cultural context), so I'll chalk that one up to those wacky Americans...

Anyway, suggestions welcome.
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