John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

On the doing up of trousers

There's a Babylon 5 episode where Sinclair and Garibaldi are stuck on a long journey by shuttle, so they kill the time by discussing how they do up their trousers in the morning. "Do you fasten and then zip, or zip and then fasten?" They both fasten then zip, as do I, and everyone I've ever spoken to about this; it just makes sense, because that way both ends are fixed, which makes it easier to join the gap (this applies whether you actually zip or have a button fly).

However, there is a related question which occurred to me today: if you also have a belt, do you fasten that before or after you do the fly? I don't normally wear a belt, and I've sometimes noticed that I'm "flying low" when I do (presumably because I've deviated from the auto-pilot of my normal routine), which is slightly embarrassing.

So, a poll:

Poll #800327 Trousers

What sequence do you use?

Top button, fly, belt
Top button, belt, fly
Fly, top button, belt
Aargh, I don't know, and now I'll never be able to do my trousers up again!

(There are less than 3P3 fastening options, because I assume that it's nonsensical to do up the belt before the button that's underneath it.)
Tags: clothing, poll
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