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Disney have just released The Little Mermaid on DVD, so I've bought a copy of that. The VHS version was basically my last tape that justified keeping the VCR, so I'll soon be getting rid of that and my remaining tapes as part of my ongoing decluttering exercise - give me a yell if you'd like to claim anything.

I haven't watched the new DVD yet (since I saw the film fairly recently), but I have been browsing the special features. The VHS tape included a music video (Peter Andre's version of "Kiss the Girl"), so I was curious to see whether this would be on the DVD too; the answer is "sort of". They do have a music video of that song, as a cover version (rather than a clip from the film), but it's now been redone by Ashley Tisdale. For those who haven't heard of her, she's one of Disney's new stable of young performers, so I've seen her in a few things on the Disney channel. The song itself is a bit like the Jump 5 version of "Beauty and the Beast" (only not quite as good) - very American, for want of a better description.

Outside the context of the film (where the girl in question is mute), it's arguably a bit creepy to have a song that says "Don't ask for permission, just kiss her - she won't say a word" (a bit like the old billboard adverts with a scantily clad woman saying "I like my men rough, not my legs"), but the video more or less gets away with it. In fact, it actually makes a decent attempt to tell a story, which I like. I'm not expecting anything epic, given the constraints of the format, but I appreciate them making an effort. By contrast, I wasn't particularly impressed by the Nick Lachey/Jessica Simpson version of "A Whole New World" (from the Aladdin DVD) - the music video had them standing in a recording studio (with headphones/microphones), watching clips from the film, and then the "behind the scenes" feature was a brief interview with them saying how honoured they were to remake the song.

Anyway, I suspect that I'm probably a bit more aware of US teeny-bopper "culture" than most of you, so it's time for a poll to assuage my curiousity.

Poll #865461 Little Mermaid

Have you ever heard of Ashley Tisdale?

Her name rings a bell, but I wouldn't recognise her
I have watched her film/TV/musical work with interest
Got her picture on my wall, got her name upon my scarf

Who is best suited to sing "Kiss the Girl"?

Peter Andre
Ashley Tisdale
Frogs sitting on oars

Incidentally, the DVD included a trailer for Cinderella 3, which actually looks quite interesting. I'm not sure whether I've ever seen the original film (at least in the Disney version), but the new one is saying "What if the magic hadn't happened, and the glass slipper didn't fit, etc.?", i.e. there's an evil witch changing history so that Cinderella basically dreamt the entire night and now has to go back to her old life again. It sounds like a similar idea to the "What if ...?" line of comics that Marvel have published, and may be worth watching. Generally, their sequels have been disappointing, but the third Lion King film was fun because it took a completely different approach (rather than just rehashing the same story), so that could bode well for this one. Anyway, I'll keep an eye out for it next year.
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