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So near and yet so far... - John C. Kirk

Aug. 10th, 2002

12:37 am - So near and yet so far...

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Well, been a pretty hectic day. I left the house at 10am this morning, and I've only just got back, but I only actually managed to get in 6 hours of work at the office in between (I've emailed some stuff back to finish off over the weekend).

Reason for all this is flat-hunting. I spent about an hour doing phone calls/internet stuff, then went off to view a couple of places with Lorna, which meant I took a 5 hour lunch break *cough*. One place was ok - we're going back for a second viewing tomorrow with M&M. The other place was great - it had grass! Except that the estate agent then told us that we couldn't have it - frustrating...

Also lining up another 2nd viewing for tomorrow - this is a place that Lorna viewed on her own yesterday, and it's about 20m down the road from our current place. I suspect that it will get vetoed, but what the hell - worth a look.

No other weekend plans at the moment - continue my attempts to tidy my room, I guess.

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: "I'll be" (Edwin McKane)