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Here's a question for anyone who knows more about phones than I do: which adapters should I use to connect a "normal" (landline) phone to the BT master socket via structured cabling?

At the moment, I have solid Cat6 cable running through the walls/floor of my flat to various wall sockets, all terminating in a patch panel (in a rack) in my lounge. This patch panel is conveniently located next to the BT master socket, so I have my phone and ADSL router plugged into that via a micro-filter. I also have a second phone, which I'm not currently using, and I'd like to set this up in my bedroom, but I'd prefer not to have a long extension lead trailing down the hallway. (I normally use my mobile phone if I need to call someone while I'm in front of my PC, but I'm about to switch over from contract to PAYG, so I'll lose my free minutes, and I think that the cost of extra cables/adapters will be outweighed by the savings on calls.)

My basic idea is that the phone will plug into an adapter (BT->RJ45), and then the adapter will plug into the RJ45 wall socket. From there, the solid cable runs to the patch panel, then I'll have a patch cable (RJ45<->RJ45) going into another adapter (RJ45->BT), and that adapter will plug into the BT socket. (To be more precise, the second adapter will go into an N-way splitter, then the splitter will go into the micro-filter, and the micro-filter will go into the master socket, but that leg of the journey is all operational already, so I'm not worried about that.)

I've been looking at the adapters at Reveal, and they seem as if they'll do the job, but I don't want to waste money by ordering the wrong one. I'm not using a PABX, so I'm guessing that I'll want a "PSTN Full Master" adapter at the phone end (AA1193) and AA1824 at the master socket end. I am surprised that the latter is so much more expensive than the rest, but I assume that there's a valid reason for that; all of their prices seem significantly cheaper than Maplin, so I'm not too bothered.

The confusing bit comes when I read through their FAQ pages, since they seem to suggest different approaches. The FAQ for AA1193 (2nd question) says that you should use AA1193 and AA1824 together, as per my plan above. However, the FAQ for AA1824 says that if you're using a patch panel then you should use a secondary adapter (AA1192) at the other end. Mind you, it also says that you can use this product (AA1824) with a master adapter, but it doesn't specify whether that's a PABX or PSTN master.

Anyway, I can try contacting their sales team for advice, but if anyone else can offer suggestions then I'd be happy to hear them.

In the long run, I will probably look at some kind of VOIP solution, and I've been reading up on Cisco IP phones (for work), but for now I'll just stick with the equipment I've got.
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