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#Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Hmm, looks like summer was briefly interrupted yesterday morning, to bring us rain and hail. This is where you see the slight downside of travelling by motorbike, as I was a tad soggy by the time I got into work. So, a mixture of good news and bad news.

Bad news:
My jeans were soaking wet.

Good news:
I have a spare pair of trousers at the office, for just such a situation as this. I bought them at the local Oxfam shop a year or so ago, when a similar thing happened.

Good news:
I've lost quite a bit of weight since then.

Bad news:
This means that the trousers are now quite loose, so won't stay up by themselves.

So, Sluggy-isms: a combination of Torg's emergency pants and Riff's typical pose - I kept my hands in my pockets whenever I walked around anywhere, to stop the trousers falling down.

For an explanation of that first one, see:
(thanks to Simon for the idea)

Anyway, I left my jeans on the radiator, so they were toasty warm by the time I left for college :)
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