John C. Kirk (johnckirk) wrote,
John C. Kirk

Turn it up to 11!

One tricky issue I've had with my computer recently is trying to find the right volume settings. It's normally not too bad, but when I hook up the MIDI keyboard the sounds are very quiet, and if I turn up the speakers then I get deafened by the "new mail" beep. As far as I can tell, the best solution is to turn up the speakers about half-way, put the "MIDI Synth" volume to maximum, and then set the "Wave" volume fairly low.

I've now found a related issue when I play CDs, particularly the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (borrowed from a friend). Track 1 is fairly quiet, so I turned up the speakers, and had that playing in the background. Track 2 ("Overture/Hannibal") is somewhat louder... So, there I am, typing away, and suddenly I get the organ music of "BUM! BA-BA-BA-BA-BOOOM!" crashing out; almost made me jump out of my chair!

This has been a public service announcement :)

(As a side-note, I think that the "Overture" half of the track is far better than the "Hannibal" half.)
Tags: computers, music

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